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Can diving suits and surf suits be mixed?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

The answer is, of course, No.

Part.1 Diving suits pay more attention to heat preservation, relatively thicker than surfing clothing and lack of elasticity, because diving is usually colder under water and does not require vigorous movement. The surfing suit is more sports-oriented, generally thin and elastic, because surfing is basically on the water, need to carry out intense movement. For example, the tropical play surf generally wear a beach pants on the line (not to wear, haha). If you feel the sun can wear a very thin sunscreen clothes. If you are water-cooled, you can wear a 3MM sleeveless surf suit or a thicker 5MM body surf suit. And the diving suit is basically a thicker body.

In general also require the lead jacket warm.


There are differences between the two types of wetsuit, mainly 1, waterproof performance, wet clothes of the cuffs, the neckline has a better design to prevent water. and the sewing style of the wetsuit also has better treatment, such as adhesive

2, thickness, diving suit 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, semi-dry and so on, mainly to adapt to different regions of the temperature. And surfing suits are generally 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, rarely have thicker, because the activity is inconvenient.

3, the pressure resistance, the neoprene material of the diving suit can be recovered after pressure is much better than the normal. Surfing suits generally do not require pressure.

4, the design method, the diving suit will have some specially for the diving environment to consider the design, for example some wet clothes will have the pocket design, some will strengthen some places the abrasion resistance, such as the elbow position, but the surfing suit does not. 5, color, diving suits generally do not use too much color. Because the water will lose the original color, may be more ugly. And the surf suits are different, there are a lot of surfing suits designed very nice.