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How to identify a pirated shirt
- Oct 16, 2018 -

One: Look at the fabric, the real Thai version of the shirt and the biggest difference between the ordinary shirt is the fabric.

The Thai version of the jersey is truly dri-fit moisture-absorbing fast-drying fabric.

The most important feature is the delicate and soft fabric, comfortable feel, and good moisture absorption performance. Two: Look at the logo, the real best pirate shirt, brand logo, Fabric logo (Nike is in the clothes left hem embroidery Dri-fit logo, Adi is the right hem offset Offsctdruckereien oval Climacool logo, the 2010 Adi shirt Climacool is not oval,

But the simple letters), The mark (the sign inside the collar), the tag, the washing mark (i.e., the washing and ingredient description of the left side of the garment at 10CM height from the foot of the shirt). The washing of the trousers is marked in the waistband.

All the signs and genuine almost exactly the same, brand logo embroidery beautifully, collar label offset printing clear and beautiful, tag production exquisite, complete, washed the material smooth silk sense, printing clear, edge formation. and poor quality or the kind of pseudo-piracy, often the brand logo making rough, the printed material is thin and printed blurred, tag simple missing or even no tag, especially the washing standard, many of the pirated shirts are not washed standard.

Three: Look at the quality of Offsctdruckereien, a lot of club shirt chest of the sponsor logo are Offsctdruckereien, the best pirated shirt offsctdruckereien, is the production of imported materials, gum thick, machine wash not off; Poor quality of the jerseys, offset materials thinner, washing machine wash, it is easy to drop, or split, seriously affect the appearance of clothes.