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How to maintain a genuine shirt
- Oct 16, 2018 -

1. Where there is a hot stamping number or a hot stamping logo of the shirt, do not put into the washing machine wash and dehydration, please hand wash.

Do not use detergent or boiling water for a long time, do not rub the number of the logo position.

2. Please do not put the number face sun exposure when drying the shirt, the correct way is to dry the shirt in turn. This helps to maintain the number.

3. When the shirt is not worn, please try to hang up the clothes to avoid the number impairment. Try not to fold and store.

4 If the printing print number part of the phenomenon of warping, fall off, please promptly with a smooth non-stick plastic or wax paper (such as: double-sided adhesive tape on the opposite side) covered in the number and font, with an iron for 6-10 seconds, such as found not strong, and then iron once again and appropriate extension of the time of hot stamping. Special note: Do not allow the electric iron to contact numbers and letters directly.