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Selection of Ski snowboarding pants
- Oct 16, 2018 -

1. You cannot choose clothing that is too small or tightly wrapped, which will limit the movement of your slides. The jacket should be loose, the length of the sleeve should be in the upward straightening arm slightly longer than the wrist department as standard, the cuff should be necking and adjustable elastic function. The neckline should be an upright high collar opening to prevent cold air from entering. The length of the trousers should be based on the length of the trousers to the heel of the person squatting down.

The lower leg openings have a double structure, the inner layer with anti-skid rubber elastic close, can be tightly stretched on the ski boots, can effectively prevent the snow, the outer layer of wear-resistant hard lining, to prevent sliding when the ski boots bump each other resulting in damage to the outer layer.

2. Structurally, there are two forms of ski suit and ski suit. The ski suit is easy to wear, but when selected, the trousers must be high-waisted and preferably have braces and a soft waistband. The top must be loose, to choose the middle waist and to have a belt or suction belt, to prevent sliding fall after the snow from the waist into the ski suit. The arm is stretched upward and the sleeves cannot be stretched too tightly, rather longer, because the upper limbs are in a full-scale movement during the skiing process, especially for beginners. The ski suit has a simple structure and is comfortable enough to prevent snow from getting into the body, but it is more troublesome to wear. According to the author's experience, wearing a body ski suit is easier to glide than a ski suit.

3. Because most of our ski resorts are inland, belong to the cold, dry climate, low temperature, wind, snow is hard, so from the material, the outside of the ski wear should be used to wear anti-tear, windproof, the surface of the wind treatment of nylon or anti-tear cloth material is better. In view of the operation of the ski resort in China, most of the ropeway is not closed, coupled with low air temperature, so the interior of the ski clothing insulation materials should be used in the insulation of better insulating cotton or DuPont cotton, in order to provide skiers with a good warm conditions when riding the ropeway. According to the author's experience, a ski suit is better than a ski suit.

4. From the color, it is best to choose the red, orange yellow, blue or a variety of colors with the white color of the eye-catching tone, one is to add glamour to the sport, but also for other skiers to provide a striking sign to avoid collision accident occurred.