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The origins of basketball uniform
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Speaking of the origin of basketball clothes, nature must first understand the origin of basketball. Basketball is one of the most confrontational sports in the field of shooting, and in January 1892 (another is December 1891), Dr. James Nismith, a teacher at the field YMCA Training School in Massachusetts, USA, was created. The beginning of the basketball sportswear is long-sleeved, experienced ultra-short, tight, gradually evolved into the present relatively loose and plump jersey shorts.

From the single-sided development to the present two-sided wear clothing. The classic v-neck design, originated from the traditional NBA costume, the entire backs using nikesphere dry design, so that the interior of the garment in the formation of a good air convection, to give the wearer cool wearing comfort, the side of the use of breathable mesh fabric design of fashionable contrasting color stitching, chic hooptech The embroidery is placed under the backs.