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About Yoga Pants
- Oct 16, 2018 -

The word "yoga " is from Indian Sanskrit  "yug" or "yuj", the meaning of "consistent "  "combined " or "harmony." Yoga is a philosophical system that helps people to realize their full potential through raising consciousness and the system of movement under their guidance.

Yoga Posture is an ancient and easy-to-grasp method to improve people's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual ability, is a form of physical, mental and spiritual harmony and unity of movement. Yoga, which is popular and hot in many different parts of the world, is not just a set of popular or fashionable fitness exercises so simple. Yoga is a very ancient method of energy knowledge cultivation, which combines philosophy, science and art in one. The basic building of yoga in ancient Hindu philosophy, the psychological, physical and spiritual precepts have become an important part of Indian culture for more than thousands of years.

The ancient yogi developed the yoga system because they believed that by exercising the body and regulating breathing, they could control the mind and emotion and keep healthy forever.