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Exquisite Life, Do Not Care About Age, Exquisite To The Choice Of Yoga Clothes To Have A Sense Of Ritual
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Many people give up the sense of ritual because of their age. Life is no longer exquisite, slowly the pursuit of life also began to lower, yoga also began casually, not to mention the choice of yoga is more casual.

In fact, the exquisite life is not the life itself, lies in your love of life, details to the choice of yoga clothing to the ritual sense.

Camel style In addition to the standard way of practicing yoga, we have to choose a yoga suit that we like, which is a ritual feeling of exquisite life.

As the saying goes, its prerequisite, so, we are wearing our favorite yoga clothes to practice yoga, our hearts are very excited, practice will be better.

Side Pigeon Variable Type This pose can make our breasts more beautiful, but also can make our heart and lungs function more powerful. Action decomposition: The legs are separated before and after, the left leg bends in the front knee, the right leg in the back knee bent calf upward.

Open the chest head back, the right hand from behind grasp the heel of the foot, the left hand up grasp the ankle, head back.

Turn to touch the knee to change type This poses a great limit to the exercise of our waist, let our waist fat drop, and enhance our heart and lungs function, let our body more light, action decomposition: legs separate right leg, left knee bent upward lift, left leg toe to ground.

The whole body presses right, right shoulder on the knee, the left hand grasp the toes, the head close to the right foot ankle.