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Selection Of Yoga Suits
- Oct 16, 2018 -

When practicing yoga, a relaxed, comfortable outfit allows the body to move freely, avoiding your body and breathing, allowing you to relax, feel good, and get into the state of yoga more quickly. Soft and well-fitted professional yoga suit with the body movements of the bending ups and downs, elastic moderate, but also show your elegant temperament.

Clothing is the manifestation of culture, is the expression of style, it makes the inner quality of yoga in between the movement. There is a growing variety of clothes that are available on the market for sport.

Texture, style, style, color, style each have different, everyone can according to their own preferences to select favorite clothing, but yoga is a set of gentle, stretch, focus on one of the fitness style, so in the choice of yoga clothing, recommended to refer to the following points:

Texture Bamboo Fiber is a new natural fiber, is the use of physical, chemical combination of natural bamboo fiber, natural bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp fiber has an essential difference between the original bamboo fiber belongs to the natural fiber, bamboo pulp fiber belongs to the chemical fiber. The successful development of the original bamboo fiber marks the birth of another natural fiber, which conforms to the national industrial development policy.

Natural bamboo fiber with moisture absorption, breathable, antibacterial and antibacterial, deodorant, anti-ultraviolet and other good performance.

Style Simple, generous, neat. Do not have too many ornaments (especially metal), straps or knots to prevent chrome from damaging the body, causing unnecessary damage.

The limbs should be stretched freely, the whole body does not feel bound to prevail.

Style Top cuffs do not have to open naturally, with an elasticated mouth or belay at the hems, because there are some supine movements in the back, tight mouth can prevent kutong decline. Winter clothing to trousers, long clothing-based.

In the summer, trousers are mainly available in short underwear.