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The Benefits Of Practicing Yoga
- Oct 16, 2018 -

First, the vitality increases, to place the yoga to the brain and the gland function. Second, the appearance and mood of the young: Yoga reduce facial wrinkles, produce natural  "peel" effect. This is mainly attributed to Handstand. Our usual upright position pushes the force of gravity to pull the muscle down. In time, facial muscles appear to collapse.

The daily handstand for several minutes, we can reverse the role of gravity, so that it becomes our rejuvenation, so that the facial muscles do not relax, it reduces wrinkles, the skin naturally leveling. Yoga handstand Posture often restores the original color of the gray hair, and delays the gray hair phenomenon. This is because handstand causes an increase in the amount of blood flowing to the scalp inside the hair sac. This position increases the elasticity of the stiffness, removing pressure from the blood vessels and nerves, allowing more blood to flow to the scalp muscles.

In other words, the hair sac gets more nutrition and produces richer healthy hair.

Third, live longer: Yoga affects all conditions of longevity: brain, glands, spine and internal organs. Iv. increase the resistance of the disease: Yoga exercise a strong physique, immune capacity also increased.

This enhanced resistance can deal with severe illnesses ranging from colds to cancers. V. Improve eyesight and hearing: normal eyesight and hearing are mainly by the eyes and ears to get good blood circulation and nerve transmission. The nerves and blood vessels that supply the eyes and ears must pass through the neck. As the age increases, the neck is as elastic as the rest of the spine, and nerves and blood vessels may experience delays when passing through the neck. Such a change interferes with the nerves with blood supply to the eyes and ears, thus affecting their functioning.

Yoga postures and yoga neck movements can improve the neck condition and thus enhance vision and hearing. The improvement of mental mood: as yoga makes the gland nervous system, including the brain, has a rejuvenation effect, mental mood will naturally appear positive state. It makes you more confident, more enthusiastic, and more optimistic.

Everyday life also becomes more creative.