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Yoga Wear Selection Criteria
- Oct 16, 2018 -

First, nylon fabric introduction nylon fabric for its excellent wear resistance is known, the advantages of polyamide: abrasion resistance, moisture absorption, elasticity is very good, it is not only a female down jacket, children's wear down jacket, climbing clothing lining the best choice, and often blended with other fibers or interwoven to improve the strength and fastness of the fabric. Second, the characteristics of polyamide fiber fabric can be summarized as follows: 1, nylon fabric wear resistance of all types of fabric, than other fabrics of similar products many times higher, therefore, its durability is excellent. 2. The moisture absorption of nylon fabric is a better variety in the synthetic fabric, so the clothing made with polyamide is more comfortable than the polyester garment. 3, nylon fabric is a light fabric, in the synthetic fabric is only listed in polypropylene, acrylic fabric, therefore, suitable for the production of mountaineering clothing, winter clothing and so on. 4. Nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and resilience.

5, nylon fabric heat resistance and light resistance are poor, in the wearing process must pay attention to washing, maintenance conditions, so as to avoid damage to the fabric Because yoga has a lot of full-body stretching, and not only a certain angle of action, therefore, if wearing cotton linen loose comfortable clothing, is very airy, comfortable, but sometimes because the fabric is not elastic, there is a sense of shackled.

In addition, because of our movements, there may be shoulder conforming, the head on the foot of the posture, underwear if too loose, there will be a decline in the dilemma, but let the abdomen or legs exposed outside.